Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the eligibility criteria for becoming a franchisee of Sophiya?

Sophiya prefer offering franchisee to all those who have studied abroad and have come back to India and want to start this business based on their personal experience. This franchisee proposal is also open for companies who are already into studies abroad activities but now want to join an experienced firm who has multiple recruitment options for students in many countries.

What are the core competencies of Sophiya?

Sophiya is the one stop solution for all the International Education needs. Sophiya is an established Studies Abroad Consultant from last 24 years. It provides multi-country recruitment options for overseas studies in 29 Countries. Sophiya is an authorized representative of more than 500+ leading overseas Universities in 15 Countries.

What kind of services are offered to franchisee partners by Sophiya?

On Time Services (Email reverts within 12 hours)
Skype Training & Webinars
Franchisee Directors Meet
Regular update through Emails & SMS
Admissions Days | Education Fairs
Virtual Education Fairs
Spot Admissions of Universities
Online Presence
On Time Commission Payments
University Selection Assistance
Partner Portal | Course Finder
Admission & Application Assistance
Assistance in Students Education Loan (
Assistance in Staff Recruitment
Visa Assistance
Pre- Departure Guidance

What kind of support does Sophiya provide to their Franchisee?

Sophiya provides following support to franchisee partners
It offers a well-settled brand which is into existence from last 24 years.
It offers a brand which is well recognized in the industry.
It offers a basket of 700+ Universities in 29 Countries.
It offers specialized knowledge on all the 29 Countries from day one on an immediate basis.
It offers a complete hand holding to the franchisee.
On the basis of performance of the franchisee, the franchisor arranges Admission Week, Spot Admissions, Seminars and Education Fairs.
It offers a complete guide of standard procedures, systems, and way of working.
It avoids duplication of systems, procedures and provides cost saving and make the franchisor focus on the core activities.

What would be expected from a franchisee?

100% commitment and time for the studies overseas activities. It should be franchisee’s main and only activity.
The Franchisee should be educated, preferably one who has studied abroad and with good communication skills, having good a convincing ability, widely travelled and willing to personally devote time and attention to the venture.
Franchise should be able to invest approximately Rs. 25 Lakhs to Rs. 40 Lakhs in the studies abroad activity.
Having a mind set and attitude to provide service to the student fraternity.

How will Sophiya depart training and share information with new franchisees?

We have prepared training modules in PowerPoint for all 29 countries which we promote. Example: Power point presentation for the USA explaining the following: -
Why CA, AUS, UK , NZ....
Advantages of Studying in CA
3) Head office in : Australia
Degree offered
Cost Involved
Admission requirements
Application procedure
Visa process
Salient Features of the Universities with whom we have tie up etc.
We organize Knowledge Sharing Meets at our head office at Nagpur twice a year.
We maintain the database of the email ids of the franchisees and whatever informative mails we receive from the Universities we send it to all our franchisee partners for updating their knowledge so that they can give accurate and updated information to their respective students.
We also send weekly informative mails to all franchisee partners on universities represented by us.
We also share with all franchisee partners on any new educational policies and any amendments to them regarding Visa procedures time to time.

Is there any franchisee fee?

Yes, the franchise fee is Rs. 5 Lac + GST or 10000 $ Aus

Is professional education mandatory to be a successful study abroad franchisee?


What would be the gestation period?

Around 12 months to 24 months.

Can you discuss the following requirements? (Investment, Infrastructure, Staff Required). Investment: Rs. 25 Lakhs to Rs. 40 Lakhs.
Infrastructure: 800 to 1200 Sq. Ft.
Staff Required: 3 Counsellors, 1 Marketing Executive, and 1 Office boy to start with.
For Training required 4-5 Teachers

What will be my ideal rate of return on investment?

The rate of ROI depends on the investment made, the revenues earned and the expenses incurred. It really depends on how effectively you can manage your business and earn a profit.

How much time will it take in the franchisee selection process?

Ideally, a franchise office can be setup within 2 months if the proposed site and financials are available.

After how many years will my license need to be renewed?

Our franchise agreement will be renewed every two years (with no renewal fees applicable) until there is any breach of contract as per the franchise agreement signed by both the parties.

After how many years will my license need to be renewed?

Our franchise agreement will be renewed every two years (with no renewal fees applicable) until there is any breach of contract as per the franchise agreement signed by both the parties.

What kind of a work schedule can I look forward to?

It will be a full time operating business, where you will need to dedicate at least 8 hours a day.

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